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GRE Vocabulary :: E ::

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning.


The lethargic pastor was replaced with an ebullient young man fresh out of seminary who made several changes in the churches activity and policies within his first five years of his pastorate. 

Effigy’s of George Bush were burned all over the world at various point during the war. 

Insisting on his way, she took her effrontery to the manager and demanded he fire the worker that denied her what she wanted.

It was a controversy in the making when Billy Graham attended the elegy after 9/11 that included praises to Allah.

Plato wrote several encomiums on love and other virtues. 

The Spartan war culture was endemic; the other Greek people groups only slightly above average war strategists. 

The lengthy lectures were enervating rather than stimulating.

As someone who tries to capture air, the man’s dreams were ephemeral in the end and he spiraled into a depression.

He declined almost all that was offered him that day; the locals explained that he was an epicure and only ate certain foods.

The philosophy professor duped all the students by equivocating on certain key words.

The most powerful individuals involved in organized crime are often erratic and easily evade capture.

All the ersatz versions of clothing were impressive to the unsuspecting.

Such teaching posts were only distributed to the elite members of the erudite community. 

Tending to eschew all things Christian, but not wanting to offend, the young man religiously feigned ill on Sunday mornings when others would ask him to come to church.

The Gnostic religion claimed to have esoteric knowledge through mystical experience. 

Such brutal men were estimable in Roman culture and played a key role in securing the empire.

The Christian ethos is incompatible with American mainstream opinion on several ethical issues.

Rather than giving a eulogy after someone’s death like in American culture, the Jews mourned for days without eating.

Doctors learn to cushion harsh realities about the patient with euphemisms when breaking the bad news.


GRE Vocabulary :: D ::

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning.


The host was pleasantly surprised by the decorum of the impecunious young lads.

Watching violent movies does not usually cause adults to go buy guns and hatchets to murder their neighbors, but some sociologist suggest that such activities are deleterious in nature, and their negative effects are often not unascertainable.

When chatting with his less educated friends about matters of politics, the astute law student was often forced to demur.

The sun desiccated what little water resources the desert creatures were used to fighting over, forcing them to migrate or die out.

Unable to finish any particular task, she was helplessly engaged in a desultory state of delusion.

Lit up from the diaphanous curtains, her living room provided enough light to allow her to save on her electric bill each month by doing her studying there.

GRE Vocabulary :: C ::

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning.


The consistent suppression of the voice of the people engendered an underground movement that culminated when a 1,000 troop cabal was formed armed with automatic weapons.

The sound of children, the city traffic and the music coming from the neighbors house created a cacophony that functioned as an alarm clock for the new urban dweller.

The vexing calumny in the newspaper sent the CEO into a frenetic disarray.

The calumny contained multiple canards that created a panic among the community and lowered the sales of beef.

The woman was very candid about her past, but he was still speaking in ambiguities.

He hesitated to commit himself to the project because he was acutely aware of the leaders capricious tendencies and had been burnt in the past.

Internet service has created a whole new field in cartography: convenient and free satellite images, street view, and road maps.    

The caustic brunette intimidated the other attorneys by the way she charmed the managing partner and began a gradation of promotion for herself.  

Mutual chicanery and unfaithfulness led to an abrupt divorce but did not surprise the families of the wedded couple.

The young students were circumspect when they walked home from school in their gang infested neighborhood.

Rather than split the cake into two pieces, they divided it into three because Sharon had warned them ahead of time of the cloying deserts. 

When the two companies coalesced, it saved hundreds of jobs and boosted business.

Several contumacious activities forced the school district to rethink their disciplinary strategy.

The fraternity brothers made a collusion that strengthened their friendship and engendered the “inner circle” so infamous to outsiders.

The lawyer corroborated her case with several weapons that were found on the scene of the crime smothered in blood and tainted with finger prints.

It was her intention to cosset and discipline the abused women until they were old enough to work.

The small coterie followed his leadership until the group was large enough for non-profit status. 

The craven boys admired the older men for enlisting themselves in the army during a time of war and hoped they would one day be brave enough to emulate their example.

After the third date, they were both struck with naïve cupidity.

The science professor scorned the young students who admitted they believed in God, accusing them of being inexcusably credulous

The old curmudgeon wouldn’t even let the children play in his back yard out of fear they would ruin his grass.

GRE Vocabulary :: B ::

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning.


After sitting under countless hours of polemical lectures in so many of his seminary classes, he began to find so much of evangelical theology to be banal and myopic.

The bevy of teenagers in public hang out spots made such spots unattractive for older adults.

Large and successful firms bilk thousands of clients with expensive fees for minuscule paperwork.

The blithe temperament of the bachelor came to an end the moment he and his girlfriend began to discuss drastic measures necessary for mere financial survival over the next 10 years due to large amounts of school debt and preconditions for successful careers.

No amount of bombastic campaigning could secure the small town governor a place in higher politics. He grew weary of the disagreeable bombastic tirades that were a part of the weekly sermons.

You would be incredibly naïve to trust that bonhomie was the default attribute of human beings or even a common feature of mankind. The more intimate you become with others who seem this way, the more you realize how deleterious their ways can be.

To be a boor is not the same as being a bore. Dr. Gallup is such a boor; he doesn’t even try to find anything agreeable in the writings of his interlocutors; but Dr. McNabb is a bore; his monotone lectures repeat everything we already read for class in our textbook.

The burgeoning scholar was now being published at will and able to be selective about which publishers he worked with.

It is said that Al Capone used to burnish his guns in public areas in broad daylight without fear of being arrested.

GRE Vocabulary :: A

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning. 


The king knew the abeyance of anger would not last long, so he ordered his troops to build an army to invade the land and depose those who provoked the people.

Galileo was forced to abjure his Copernican position during trial before the Roman Catholic Church, making him a martyr of science in the eyes of subsequent generations. 

As the party became flooded with more and more people, the couple absconded, hoping their friends wouldn’t notice they had left. 

Fancy restaurants tend to serve abstemious meals for outrageous prices.

The accretion of the blister made me think my foot was infected; the accretion of tuition and the price of gas made it hard to commute to the University. 

Although we were trying to be nice guests, the acidulous taste of the food made it hard for us to dine with the villagers.  Although the policies of tolerance for the intelligent design theory were announced, they appeared to have been acidulously drawn up only after much controversy had put the spotlight on the injustices of suppression and persecution.      

The student raised several questions about the professors proposition, but she responded with alacrity and eloquence.

The amalgamation of spices proved the point that spices which taste good individually may not taste well when mixed together.

Carey wanted to ameliorate her home, but because Jim didn’t know where the money would come from to pay for such an upgrade given the amount of debt they had yet to even begin to amortize, he was sad to hear Emily repine about her home.

After hurting his back, Travis took the anodyne and sold it to his friends once the pain went away.

Most conservative Protestants simply have an antipathy to anything that does not sound exactly like what they believe—even if it sounds very similar.  Some evangelical institutions have an antipathy, therefore, for diversity.

The man’s ardor for his own innocence was enough to make some of jury suspicious.

The assailant was sentenced to seven months in prison while the victim was hospital bound for one month and suffered sustained injuries.    

The newly weds put their pillows over their ears hoping to assuage the cacophony of sounds coming from the hotel room directly above their sweet. 

While on the one hand the attenuation of Christian influence in the West has troubled many Christians, newer generations of less religious Americans and Europeans consider religious declines—especially of Christianity—as therapeutic assuagement.

Although it did not bring Hannibal’s army to a halt, the few Roman legions made aware of his invasion were able to assuage the attack enough to buy time for the Roman generals. 

These auguries were taken seriously by the Romans and they influenced the decision making process in the senate. 

Moreover, in addition to the fact that she had a large home on a most beautiful piece of land, her house was neither austere nor florid, but all furnishings were delicately selected to create an eccentric but pleasant atmosphere.

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