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GRE Vocabulary :: E ::

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning.


The lethargic pastor was replaced with an ebullient young man fresh out of seminary who made several changes in the churches activity and policies within his first five years of his pastorate. 

Effigy’s of George Bush were burned all over the world at various point during the war. 

Insisting on his way, she took her effrontery to the manager and demanded he fire the worker that denied her what she wanted.

It was a controversy in the making when Billy Graham attended the elegy after 9/11 that included praises to Allah.

Plato wrote several encomiums on love and other virtues. 

The Spartan war culture was endemic; the other Greek people groups only slightly above average war strategists. 

The lengthy lectures were enervating rather than stimulating.

As someone who tries to capture air, the man’s dreams were ephemeral in the end and he spiraled into a depression.

He declined almost all that was offered him that day; the locals explained that he was an epicure and only ate certain foods.

The philosophy professor duped all the students by equivocating on certain key words.

The most powerful individuals involved in organized crime are often erratic and easily evade capture.

All the ersatz versions of clothing were impressive to the unsuspecting.

Such teaching posts were only distributed to the elite members of the erudite community. 

Tending to eschew all things Christian, but not wanting to offend, the young man religiously feigned ill on Sunday mornings when others would ask him to come to church.

The Gnostic religion claimed to have esoteric knowledge through mystical experience. 

Such brutal men were estimable in Roman culture and played a key role in securing the empire.

The Christian ethos is incompatible with American mainstream opinion on several ethical issues.

Rather than giving a eulogy after someone’s death like in American culture, the Jews mourned for days without eating.

Doctors learn to cushion harsh realities about the patient with euphemisms when breaking the bad news.


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