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A Generous Hearing for A Generous Orthodoxy

Ever listened to Brain Mclaren and tried to figure out where he’s coming from?

Here’s a talk he gave where he tries to explain why he would call for a Generous Orthodoxy.  
I found it from the 
Off the Map Podcast

Here’s a couple quotations from the Q&A that I found interesting: 

People are doing the best they can. … The people who hate my books and all, they’re doing the best they can.” – Brain Mclaren 

esus didn’t write books, but Jesus lived a life and made friends.” – Brain Mclaren
“Our polarization is paralyzing and … destructive. … Even in the Roman Catholic Church, the conservative Catholics and the progressive Catholics hardly talk to each other
.” – Brian Mclaren 

We compromised on the primacy of love.” – Brian Mclaren 

iSaid at Southern

I’ve spent a lot of time interacting with a couple posts at the Said at Southern blog lately.  The Said at Southern blog is good at raising relevant questions and facilitating discussion.

One of the posts proposes the question, “What Should We Say About Economic Crisis?”  I tried to argue that we should be most concerned for the poor in tough economic times because they get hit the hardest by it.  As the discussion continued in the comments section, my understanding of the kind of crisis middle class people in the US are going through was sharpened.  As the conversation progressed further, I realized that not even the poor in the US have been hit hard YET (although things could possibly get much worse).  One commenter eloquently encouraged us not to get caught up in the fear that is pervading in the hearts of many people over this.  
Another one of the posts proposes the question, “Why Not Use Embryonic-Stem Cells For Research?”  Very interesting question, and interesting discussion follows.  As sometimes happens, I thought the comment section wasn’t addressing the real question the post was trying to raise, so I tried to sort of moderate a more productive discussion.  You would have to read the comments to judge whether it worked or not.

Tony Jones Defends the Emergent Church

Someone recently used the argument against Tony Jones that the emergent church is more about “conversation” than about “action.”  See Tony’s full response here.

Tony has a blog of his own called, you guessed it,  T O N Y  J O N E S.  

A Post About Poop

Sharon Hodde got her Masters of Divinity from Duke University, and is now a college minister to students at Duke.  She has a really cool blog called She Worships.  Sharon has a gift for writing.  No joke.  Her last post “Everybody’s Poop Looks the Same,” convinced me that only she could write a post about poop, and make it totally theological.  I’m not kidding.  Her last post was about poop, yet it was an amazing mediation.  I encourage you to read it.

Passion, I Have A Maker

Welcome to Our World

Where little kids get snatched up in broad daylight and the average life span of an abducted child is 3 hours.

Kidnapping Caught On Tape

Emotional Scars and the Power of Forgiveness

A close friend of mine, Johnny Fontaine, otherwise known as Johnny Vontwizzle (since he met me anyway), has captured very poignantly in a post on his blog his pain growing up with a less than perfect father who was neglecting, abusive, and played favorites.  What makes the post beautiful is that he also captures his heart’s resolve to discover the power of forgiveness long after his father has passed away, and after many years of anger and bitterness.  

Johnny Fontaine is a member at Walnut Street Baptist Church.  He was converted to Christianity about three years ago, and since then has walked with Christ in a battle to be clean from drug abuse, pure from sexual immorality, relationally connected to the people of God, and to be a true and sincere follower of Christ.        

Flashback: Remember This?

Justin Taylor … My Hero

Thanks to Trevin Wax, I had the chance to read a thread on Tony Jones’ blog that included some very important discussion about abortion.  This is a classic example, in my opinion, about how the truth can come out in the comments more clearly than in the post, because the comment section gives people a chance to cross-examine ideas. 

Proverbs 18:17 – “The first to plead his case seems right, until another [in this case Justin Taylor] comes and examines him.” 
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