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I’ve spent a lot of time interacting with a couple posts at the Said at Southern blog lately.  The Said at Southern blog is good at raising relevant questions and facilitating discussion.

One of the posts proposes the question, “What Should We Say About Economic Crisis?”  I tried to argue that we should be most concerned for the poor in tough economic times because they get hit the hardest by it.  As the discussion continued in the comments section, my understanding of the kind of crisis middle class people in the US are going through was sharpened.  As the conversation progressed further, I realized that not even the poor in the US have been hit hard YET (although things could possibly get much worse).  One commenter eloquently encouraged us not to get caught up in the fear that is pervading in the hearts of many people over this.  
Another one of the posts proposes the question, “Why Not Use Embryonic-Stem Cells For Research?”  Very interesting question, and interesting discussion follows.  As sometimes happens, I thought the comment section wasn’t addressing the real question the post was trying to raise, so I tried to sort of moderate a more productive discussion.  You would have to read the comments to judge whether it worked or not.

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