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::: Christ-followers who are also Obama-backers :::

Colin Kerr at God’s Eclectic warns Obama-backing Christians not to loose their prophetic voice and give unconditional support.  The following excerpt comes from his post, “Relating to Your New President (Part 1).”   

So Christ-followers who are also Obama-backers, don’t become the Left-wing version of our Right-wing past. Reverend Jeremiah Wright, for all his fruitcake comments, did get one thing right. He said that he would switch from a supporter to a critic of Obama the moment he entered the Oval Office. It was his prophetic duty to do so. Jim Wallis of Sojourners, the day after the election, sent a message to his organization’s members (of whom very few probably voted from McCain) to join him “in ensuring that these campaign promises become a reality.

What an opportunity progressive Christians now have to hold Obama accountable to his vision for a new way of doing politics that seeks common ground and compromises instead of wedge strategies and stirring up the base. If his actions deviate from that pledge, we have an obligation as modern-day prophets to call him out on it … Our support will not be unconditional. Our allegiance will not be tied to an earthly king. White House tours and trinkets will not placate us.Only justice finally being done in the land will.

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