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Can Catholics and Protestants Believe in the Same Gospel?

Peter Kreeft gives a lecture about Ecumenism Without Compromise.  

I think more discussion needs to be given to the topic of The New Ecumenism.  President of ACT 3, John H. Armstrong is a leader in this movement.  He has written a blog about it here.  He will also be coming out with a book very soon entitled, “Your Church Is Too Small” (published by Zondervan).  There is indeed a new, Christ-honoring, gospel-centered ecumenism in progress among theologically conservative Christians.  The ECT documents were signs of its beginning, not its end.  Unity in the gospel between Protestants and Catholics is not only becoming a real option; many Christians are arguing that where common gospel belief is present, it is a divine mandate.  God wants The Church unified wherever it exists.  

I would love to know what you think.  Can Catholics and Protestants believe in the same gospel?

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