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Blogshot __–___–_______–10.17.10

1. Bryan Cross from Called to Communion: Reformation Meets Rome posted a piece written by David Anders about how John Calvin led him to Catholicism.  Interesting and ironic piece.

2. That reminds me. In case you missed it, a big leader in the Anglican Church just converted to Rome. Read about the splash here.

3. Ever wondered how Catholics view The Great Schism? For an interesting and informative historical survey of this Schism by Devin Rose, subscribe to his podcast: Catholic Apologetics and Faith Formation Podcast. He also has very interesting lectures about The Ecumenical Councils, The Papacy, Marian Dogmas, etc. He is a great lecturer and engages with classic Protestant arguments and concerns.

4. Ever wondered how close Eastern Orthodoxy is to Evangelical Christianity? Listening to Bradley Nassif’s Podcast, Simply Orthodox, has convinced me that they are closer than one might think.

5. The most interesting podcast I’ve listened to in a long time was a podcast at The Carnegie Council by Gregory Raymond: After Iraq. He draws comparisons between Ancient Greece and Persian Warfare ideology and modern American Warfare ideology. It was so interesting I went back and listened to it about 4 times in the past year.

6. A little chat about different strands of evangelicalism.  I thought Owen Strachan had some particularly weighty comments.

7. For some good laughs:

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