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tooshe or no tooshe? that’s the question

Welcome to Our World … Where Police Get Away With Brutality

Only every now and then is it caught on tape.

::: Trapped in an Elevator for 41 hours :::

:: :: Paige Patterson’s Lifestyle Under Criticism :: ::

Celucien L. Joseph gives the following summary after reading Wade’s thoughts.

While SWBTS staff and faculty are being laid off and salaries reduced, the Pattersons continue to maintain a large personal staff. Mrs. Patterson has an assistant and a research assistant. Dr. Patterson has an executive assistant, secretary, personal assistant, and four interns. The Pattersons also have a large staff at their house. They have employeed at least one chef, though it is widely believed there are at least two chefs, possibly more, on the payroll. There are a minimum of four hostesses/servers, a director for the Presidential house, two people who are paid to walk their dogs, and other staff paid to clean their cars and do other household chores and errands for the Pattersons, Wade reports.

I would love to see the blogosphere discuss Patterson’s lifestyle, whether the claims are exaggerated and whether Southern Baptists (or other Christians) think such a lifestyle is reproachable or not. 

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