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MacArthur = the “New Fundamentalism”

Recent example of how John MacArthur conveniently fits Scott McKnight’s descriptions of the “new Fundamentalism” or “Neo-Reformed”

In an interview on the “Grace to You” website, Dr. John MacArthur sizes-up the emerging church, and here’s his bottom line: “I think it’s just another form of liberalism.” You can read or download the rest from the website or listen to it below.

MacArthur either does not care or is ignorant of the fact that the Emergent movement is composed of both conservatives (e.g. Mark Driscoll, Dan Patrick, etc.) and liberals (e.g. Tony Jones, Brian McLaren).  Does he not read about a position before he attacks it [?], does he not care [?], or does he actually think that even guys like Mark Driscoll are “liberal”?

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