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My Friend G … a.k.a. Seven

My friend Gerald (G) has been at work in the studio (hip-hop).  Here’s what he came up with: http://www.myspace.com/464038426

We’re All In This Together :::: Hillsong United

Heavy Metal Monk Missionary in Italy ::: Screamo Style

Heavy Metal Monk

Underoath’s New Album Tops All


Underoath is one of those exceptional bands that pulls off the screamo style on an unprecedented level.  Their new album (Lost in the Sound of Separation) came out some months ago, but I just now listened to it for the first time.  I agree with the band that it has managed to somehow take them to a whole new level all over again.    I don’t know how they do it.  They don’t crank out albums every year.  They take their time.   Not sure how they’re going to beat this album next time.  My guess is that they are at the peak of their career right now.  T h r i l l e s t.

(HT: Underoath)

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