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:: Marketing a Metanarrative :: •audiopost•

Ok … so I did another •audiopost• so you can listen to my post while doing laundry, getting dressed, cleaning your room, doing the dishes, driving to work, or lying down.

In this post, I argue (contrary to Tyler Wigg-Stevenson) that Christians should use marketing media to advance the message of the gospel.  You can listen by clicking on the link above or below, or by clicking on the •audiopost• page

UPDATE: There’s been some difficulty for some with the mp3 file … I think I’ve fixed it, but if you still have trouble, the sure way is to run your mouse over the entry on the audiopost page, then click on the play button that appears in the popup. 

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___–__-_Making the Gospel More Accessible_-__–___

U R B A N G L O R Y just released a new podcast where Aaron Skinner continues to talk about how the quality of media can make a difference in how willing people are to listen to the message communicated through the media. 

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