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Defeating Racism :: X KKK Leader’s Testimony

:::Love Beyond Diversity__:::__Audio

———————————Love Beyond Diversity————————————-

Ok … I’m trying something new here. Instead of writing my post, I’ve got it in audio format so you can click on it above or below (Love Beyond Diversity) and listen while cleaning your room, getting dressed, or cooking breakfast.  The written form will be found sometime today at Christ, My Righteousness, where Celucien has been posting on racial unity over the holiday season.  

——————————–Love Beyond Diversity————————————-


If reformers were more reformed ******

If reformers were more reformed, they would be more refined in the graces of kindness, gentleness, meekness, compassion, and the rest of those fruits of the Spirit that amount to nothing more than love.

If theologians were more theological *****

If theologians were more theological, they would spend more time developing a theology of love rather than debating endlessly about things that don’t matter much.

If Christians were more Christian ****

If Christians were more Christian they would keep love as their top priority, since that’s what Christ taught the will of God, the commands of God, and the kingdom of God were ultimately all about.

Racial Reconciliation … It’s Not Really About Race

Racial Reconciliation is not ultimately about race, but about love.

Don’t Say, “That’s so Gay” ::: Hillary Duff Ad

Embedded video from CNN Video

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