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B l o g s h o t … a snap shot of online resources

B l o g s h o t a snap shot of some resources floating around out there somewhere in the blogosphere.  

1. Tony Kummer scraps the whole Said blog and put’s Said at Southern on pilot mode. … And the blogosphere mourns.

2. A well-spirited book review I just found on Shane Claiborne’s book Irresistible Revolution from Evangelical Village.

3. Eye Candy …  Amazing Japanese Mall Water Fountain

4. Howerd Stern actually does something clean, humorous, and interesting.

5. Looking for some good Sunday School material? ****C h u c h i n g !

6. Like my last C h u c h i n g? Then you like this too.

7. If you never knew about TEDS … now is the time to explore. It’s a vast resource of lectures in video format; A good place to engage the culture and grow awareness about people.


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