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iMonk Accuses the Apostle Paul of Sin ::: *Gal 5:12

“As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!” – The Apostle Paul (Gal 5:12, NIV)

The Internet Monk comments on this verse in the thread of a post:

I believe this might have been a sin. Yeah…I do. That’s a simple answer that raises questions for some people about inspiration. Well….Job’s friends were all condemned by God for what they spoke, and there it is. 

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More Anti-Calvinism Rhetoric: iMonk Responds

Ok … so I stumbled upon this quotation in a roundabout way while I was on the Thinklings blog.  It’s the iMonk’s response to the John 3:16 conference.  It’s important because I don’t think the iMonk is a Calvinist, so to hear him address the issues this way was enlightening and encouraging.  Here’s the excerpt.  

Really, this is silly. Just silly. Calvinists in the SBC are doing far more good than harm, and the truth is that the fundamentalists need someone to blame for the fact that Jerry Falwell-style Evangelicalism is falling apart. One live-blogger said that 90% of the audience was middle-aged and over. That’s your problem old white guys: younger SBCers aren’t even listening to you anymore. You are talking to yourselves.

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Don’t Uncritically Follow John Piper

The Internet Monk warns Reformed folks who love to read John Piper stuff not to follow him on everything.

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UPDATE: iMonk entertains my question about which of Piper’s teachings he is concerned about.  The following comes from the thread of his comment.   

1) Christian hedonism can very easily be construed as a Gospel of works rather than sola fide, esp when we say that we are commanded to delight in God in all things.

2) Piper’s pastoral use of his Edwardsian view of the Sovereignty of God has led to some uses and pronouncements that seem very deficient in pastoral wisdom and compassion.

3) I think some of his teaching in the past intentionally bred fanatical applications, esp in regard to martyrdom.

4) I believe he is of two minds on C.S. Lewis and needs to make a clear statement in regard to whether Lewis is an orthodox teacher of the Gospel.

5) I sense a lot of God-centeredness at the expense of Christ-centeredness. Edwards over Luther.

6) Mark Dever once said in an interview, when asked for a brief summary statement on a variety of contemporary reformed men, that Piper was ruthlessly logical. I would agree, and I think that is the difference in the Piper we heard before his Romans study and the one we hear now.

I like Piper and have benefited from him a lot.

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