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iMonk Accuses the Apostle Paul of Sin ::: *Gal 5:12

“As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!” – The Apostle Paul (Gal 5:12, NIV)

The Internet Monk comments on this verse in the thread of a post:

I believe this might have been a sin. Yeah…I do. That’s a simple answer that raises questions for some people about inspiration. Well….Job’s friends were all condemned by God for what they spoke, and there it is. 

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Sex Sells ::: iMonk’s Rant Against Ed Young

What were Ed Young’s motives in the Seven Day Sex Challenge?  Well … if we go by what Ed Young actually said himself, mostly just because he thinks it’s a biblical idea.  But iMonk thinks he knows Ed’s true motives.

iMonk thinks he’s just a prideful typical megachurch pastor who’s intentionally using sex tactics to sell the gospel and promote male chauvinism.  Read his rantpost Dear Ed Young.  Based on his answers to the questions I asked him in the thread, he apparently thinks it’s a safe assumption that Ed’s biblical message is a subterfuge for church growth.  

***Is that a fair and charitable assumption? ***  

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More Anti-Calvinism Rhetoric: iMonk Responds

Ok … so I stumbled upon this quotation in a roundabout way while I was on the Thinklings blog.  It’s the iMonk’s response to the John 3:16 conference.  It’s important because I don’t think the iMonk is a Calvinist, so to hear him address the issues this way was enlightening and encouraging.  Here’s the excerpt.  

Really, this is silly. Just silly. Calvinists in the SBC are doing far more good than harm, and the truth is that the fundamentalists need someone to blame for the fact that Jerry Falwell-style Evangelicalism is falling apart. One live-blogger said that 90% of the audience was middle-aged and over. That’s your problem old white guys: younger SBCers aren’t even listening to you anymore. You are talking to yourselves.

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