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GRE Vocabulary :: G :: (yeah … I skipped F)

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning.


When the family received the knock on the door from the Makeover crew, they began to gambol in the street. 

His garrulous tendencies, though charming at first, became burdensome to Suzy because his conversation appeared to her to be so glib.

An alarming number of church plants die in the gestation process due to lack of funding and a failure to engender a committed core team. 

The preachers bombastic flourishes seemed to be little more than glibness to the educated members.

Her impugning tone of voice was complemented by her glowering—and this was enough to send him into frenetic recrimination.

Bradley didn’t become sympathetic of Roman Catholics overnight; his research slowly engendered a gradation of sympathy the more he studied. 

Timothy was the first of his kind; all previous class presidents had been gregarious and charming, but he was neither.

The general’s closest men had no respect for those who groveled at every opportunity.

It seemed that all the people around her had everything handed down to them with ease, while she inherited a hapless existence as though it were her inexorable destiny.

Germany’s hegemony did not last long; nor will America’s.  History bears witness that such hegemony is evanescent.

The hermetic seals containing the dead sea scrolls were sold by a child who found them in a cave while playing.

Most seminaries are heterogeneous factories that produce pastors and preachers who carry on the tradition; few break free from the indoctrination process that inculcates the distinctives of each denomination or movement.

The hoary governing process smothered out any fresh blood so that the institution eventually faced death or revolution—neither of which they were ready to handle.

The empire was forced to husband their crops until the famine had come and gone.

GRE Vocabulary :: D ::

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning.


The host was pleasantly surprised by the decorum of the impecunious young lads.

Watching violent movies does not usually cause adults to go buy guns and hatchets to murder their neighbors, but some sociologist suggest that such activities are deleterious in nature, and their negative effects are often not unascertainable.

When chatting with his less educated friends about matters of politics, the astute law student was often forced to demur.

The sun desiccated what little water resources the desert creatures were used to fighting over, forcing them to migrate or die out.

Unable to finish any particular task, she was helplessly engaged in a desultory state of delusion.

Lit up from the diaphanous curtains, her living room provided enough light to allow her to save on her electric bill each month by doing her studying there.

GRE Vocabulary :: B ::

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning.


After sitting under countless hours of polemical lectures in so many of his seminary classes, he began to find so much of evangelical theology to be banal and myopic.

The bevy of teenagers in public hang out spots made such spots unattractive for older adults.

Large and successful firms bilk thousands of clients with expensive fees for minuscule paperwork.

The blithe temperament of the bachelor came to an end the moment he and his girlfriend began to discuss drastic measures necessary for mere financial survival over the next 10 years due to large amounts of school debt and preconditions for successful careers.

No amount of bombastic campaigning could secure the small town governor a place in higher politics. He grew weary of the disagreeable bombastic tirades that were a part of the weekly sermons.

You would be incredibly naïve to trust that bonhomie was the default attribute of human beings or even a common feature of mankind. The more intimate you become with others who seem this way, the more you realize how deleterious their ways can be.

To be a boor is not the same as being a bore. Dr. Gallup is such a boor; he doesn’t even try to find anything agreeable in the writings of his interlocutors; but Dr. McNabb is a bore; his monotone lectures repeat everything we already read for class in our textbook.

The burgeoning scholar was now being published at will and able to be selective about which publishers he worked with.

It is said that Al Capone used to burnish his guns in public areas in broad daylight without fear of being arrested.

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