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GRE Vocabulary :: D ::

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning.


The host was pleasantly surprised by the decorum of the impecunious young lads.

Watching violent movies does not usually cause adults to go buy guns and hatchets to murder their neighbors, but some sociologist suggest that such activities are deleterious in nature, and their negative effects are often not unascertainable.

When chatting with his less educated friends about matters of politics, the astute law student was often forced to demur.

The sun desiccated what little water resources the desert creatures were used to fighting over, forcing them to migrate or die out.

Unable to finish any particular task, she was helplessly engaged in a desultory state of delusion.

Lit up from the diaphanous curtains, her living room provided enough light to allow her to save on her electric bill each month by doing her studying there.

GRE Vocabulary :: C ::

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning.


The consistent suppression of the voice of the people engendered an underground movement that culminated when a 1,000 troop cabal was formed armed with automatic weapons.

The sound of children, the city traffic and the music coming from the neighbors house created a cacophony that functioned as an alarm clock for the new urban dweller.

The vexing calumny in the newspaper sent the CEO into a frenetic disarray.

The calumny contained multiple canards that created a panic among the community and lowered the sales of beef.

The woman was very candid about her past, but he was still speaking in ambiguities.

He hesitated to commit himself to the project because he was acutely aware of the leaders capricious tendencies and had been burnt in the past.

Internet service has created a whole new field in cartography: convenient and free satellite images, street view, and road maps.    

The caustic brunette intimidated the other attorneys by the way she charmed the managing partner and began a gradation of promotion for herself.  

Mutual chicanery and unfaithfulness led to an abrupt divorce but did not surprise the families of the wedded couple.

The young students were circumspect when they walked home from school in their gang infested neighborhood.

Rather than split the cake into two pieces, they divided it into three because Sharon had warned them ahead of time of the cloying deserts. 

When the two companies coalesced, it saved hundreds of jobs and boosted business.

Several contumacious activities forced the school district to rethink their disciplinary strategy.

The fraternity brothers made a collusion that strengthened their friendship and engendered the “inner circle” so infamous to outsiders.

The lawyer corroborated her case with several weapons that were found on the scene of the crime smothered in blood and tainted with finger prints.

It was her intention to cosset and discipline the abused women until they were old enough to work.

The small coterie followed his leadership until the group was large enough for non-profit status. 

The craven boys admired the older men for enlisting themselves in the army during a time of war and hoped they would one day be brave enough to emulate their example.

After the third date, they were both struck with naïve cupidity.

The science professor scorned the young students who admitted they believed in God, accusing them of being inexcusably credulous

The old curmudgeon wouldn’t even let the children play in his back yard out of fear they would ruin his grass.

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