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Has the Emergent Conversation Been Beneficial in Any Way? Y e S

Evangelical Village asks the question, “Has the Emergent Church been beneficial in any way?  How?”  

I answer … Yes. They have forced me to wrestle with tons of theological questions. For example …

About culture … Is the American church out of touch with the postmodern culture and therefore failing to contextualize the gospel in a way that is faithful and relevant?

About sectarianism … Are theological conservatives too uptight about their theological differences amongst each other and especially with those outside their understanding of “conservative”?

About church … Do we do church the way we do church because it’s biblically commanded or because we are incredibly bias and legalistic in our preconceptions about the regulative principle?

About the genres of scripture … Are we reading the Bible more like a science book for theological information than like it’s supposed to be read? Is our approach to reading scripture with the purpose of systematizing its teachings a result of Western European rationalism rather than our commitment to follow its teaching? Are we reading the Bible in the way it was intended to be read, or are we forcing an alien grid upon the text and therefore misapplying it?

About what it means to be a Christian … Can a female pastor who believes in annihilationism or limited inerrancy or inclusivism still be a Christian because she still believes in the deity, redemptive death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus?

That’s not an exhaustive list, but it should demonstrate that the Emergent Church has forced the church to ask really, really important questions.

(HT: Evangelical Village)


B l o g s h o t … a snap shot of online resources

B l o g s h o t a snap shot of some resources floating around out there somewhere in the blogosphere.  

1. Tony Kummer scraps the whole Said blog and put’s Said at Southern on pilot mode. … And the blogosphere mourns.

2. A well-spirited book review I just found on Shane Claiborne’s book Irresistible Revolution from Evangelical Village.

3. Eye Candy …  Amazing Japanese Mall Water Fountain

4. Howerd Stern actually does something clean, humorous, and interesting.

5. Looking for some good Sunday School material? ****C h u c h i n g !

6. Like my last C h u c h i n g? Then you like this too.

7. If you never knew about TEDS … now is the time to explore. It’s a vast resource of lectures in video format; A good place to engage the culture and grow awareness about people.


Everyone’s a Heretic in Someone’s Eyes

Josh Howerton, a pastor in Nashville, comments on “The Shack” on a thread from Evangelical Village 

So does someone have to be a theological colossus to engage artistically with Christianity? It seems like every time there’s a painting, song, book, poem, or movie that’s produced by a Christian, ten seminary professors pounce on it, pick its implications apart, and label it heresy.

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