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The West is a Theological Ghetto

My good friend Celucien Joseph talks about how theology in the West has incredibly narrow scope.  I give an except below, but for the rest of the post go here.  

I begin this paragraph with this proposition: it is fair to state that Christian Theology as a discipline, and particularly the fields of biblical studies are dominated by European descent individuals, who make interpretive decisions for “other groups” as if they are the Guardian of the Word. It is a common already presumed that European hermeneutics is the best of its kind. Let’s say it another way, consciously and unknowingly, Christian dogma has been kidnapped by Western thought, and largely designed and conditioned to advance Western culture and values, with little regard to non-western societies. We might also state, by context, it is also presupposed that Christianity is Western. 

(HT: Christ, My Righteousness)

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