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:::: Is Mark Driscoll Trying to Be Cool? :::: Media Propaganda

It’s disturbing to me how Mark is just a normal guy, but because he’s a preacher and therefore defies expectations of what a preacher should look like or sound like, he gets accused of TRYING to be cool (see recent video).  The reporter shouldn’t have assumed that Mark is trying to be cool just because he’s expected to dress or preach according to a stereotype that he doesn’t fit.  It always irks me when people read too much into the way a person dresses, as if they have some agenda to look cool just because they’re expected to dress more traditionally.  We live in the 21st century, and the clothes Mark wears are as normal or more normal than suites and ties for people 50 and under.  It’s just normal, but preachers aren’t expected to be normal, but to fit a stereotype.  

The media needs a taste of Mark Driscoll.  He should be representing Christianity on CNN along with Al Mohler.  Now that he’s getting a little press, hopefully they will call him up the next time they are looking for a token evangelical to weigh in a conservative voice on culturally taboo issues.


:: Marketing a Metanarrative :: •audiopost•

Ok … so I did another •audiopost• so you can listen to my post while doing laundry, getting dressed, cleaning your room, doing the dishes, driving to work, or lying down.

In this post, I argue (contrary to Tyler Wigg-Stevenson) that Christians should use marketing media to advance the message of the gospel.  You can listen by clicking on the link above or below, or by clicking on the •audiopost• page

UPDATE: There’s been some difficulty for some with the mp3 file … I think I’ve fixed it, but if you still have trouble, the sure way is to run your mouse over the entry on the audiopost page, then click on the play button that appears in the popup. 

::__::___::___HT: Theo•philogue •Audiopost• 

Christmas Has Pagan Roots ::: So What?

If you think we should stop celebrating Christmas just because it has pagan roots, consider the following. 

The music you listen to, the way your calendar and clock measures time, the names you use to refer to various planets in the universe, etc., all have ties to pagan religion.  If you think just because something has pagan roots, that Christians shouldn’t participate in it, you would have to give up your calendar, all of your music, and much of our astrological termonology, and lots of other things you take for granted and your common sense judges to be permissible.  Originally, there were probably all sorts of pagan ideas strongly associated with the way we measure time on our clander, but that doesn’t mean a Christian who uses such “origianlly pagan” systems is somehow participating in pagan religious practices.  Originally, much of our musical tastes had ties in all sorts of pagan celebrations, but that doesn’t mean that musical instruments and styles of celebration should be “off limits” for Christians who use music to worship God.  Don’t forget that Yahweh commanded the Jews to adapt pagan music to worship Him in the Old Testament.  The Jews didn’t start from scratch in their attempts to worship God, they adopted much of the pagan forms of worship to Judaism.  

Where do you think celebrating birthday’s originated?  It’s not in the Bible.  So I guess it’s pagan too?  What about basketball?  Should Christians particiapte in sports celebrations?  It’s pagan.  

Why not rather give thanks to God that whatever celebration the pagan culture had going on before it evolved into a Christ-centered celebration in the West (notwithstanding the current cultural changes), Christians sort-of “high-jacked” the celebration and conformed it to a Christ-centered worldview and lifestyle.

For a better article on this … see Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? at sbcIMPACT

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