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John 3:16 Conference :: Chris’ Copyright Crossexamination

Not long ago Todd reported indignantly that he had been unjustly accused of copyright infringement for posting John 3:16 Conference messages.  He complained that someone had gone to the authorities without confronting him personally (like Christians are supposed to do).  Now Chris shares his side of the story, and claims the recording of the messages was legal, but distributing them to others was illegal, and that he did in fact contact Todd personally.  Here are some excerpts from his comments:   

I am the one who posted on Todd’s site that the audio recording being posted on his site was illegal, You have been misinformed if you believe that it is legal. No notice has to be given. The speakers are the legal owners of the material and they granted Jerry Vines Ministries the right to record and reproduce the material. It does not matter that the recordings were made by an individual. He has the right to record the material (unless notice is provided), but he does not have permission to distribute unless he has permission from the copyright owner.

I am not the one that contacted the blog host and reported the activity. I did what was biblical and went to my brother in Christ and confronted him of his sin. He removed the material and in my mind the issue is/was settled. 

I would wonder why you would accuse Jerry Vines Ministry of having no integrity. What have they done…. Todd is the one that violated the law. And while he is the one that broke the law he has no been accused of having no integrity.

… I too am shocked by how Jerry Vines Ministries is being attacked when they have done nothing wrong and the way they are being treated despite the fact that they are the ones that broke the law. Why is no one condemning the actions of Todd? Todd is relying on the ignorance of his “tech guy” and he is getting wrong advice.


Chris … Glad you get your side of the story.  Maybe the Proverbs 18:17 principles applies here.  “The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.”

If Chris is right, all those who recorded the John 3:16 conference and posted them or sent them to a bunch of friends may have broken the law (even if by ignorance).


John 3:16 Conference: Blogger Accused of Copyright Infringement

A blogger named Todd chimed in on a thread at the Crimson Window.  Here’s part of the discussion.

Todd: FYI, there was no notice that recording was prohibited so I actually have all of the messages from the conference (including the free Q&A session) available as MP3’s. Just email me at tburus@msn.com or comment on my blog at ToddOnGod.com and I can get you copies. They’re not the high-quality $50 variety, but you can hear what is said. Also, I am in the process of responding to the presenters myself. I have already posted up through David Allen’s message against Limited Atonement. Enjoy.

Me: bootlegger calvinist … cool

Todd: It’s not really bootlegging. I checked with my church’s tech guy about the legality of it and he said that if no signs were posted or remarks made to the contrary then speeches are public domain and can be recorded and distributed by whomever. Plus, isn’t $50 for a CD extortion? Especially for people who had already paid $95 to be there in the first place(!)

Me: I was making a joke … Thanks for making them available! ) Yes. It’s highway robbery! Amrinian extortionist!! It’s all about filthy lucre! (another joke)

Then … an ironic twist in the thread. 

Todd: All, I just wanted to let you know that I woke up this morning to find that my blog had been deactivated because of copyright infringement, one would assume over the conference audio files. As you may have noticed I had already moved to take down these files and so this is a little irritating to me. I am disappointed that the powers that be behind the John 3.16 Conference would move to do such a thing without even having the integrity to contact me first. Please spread the word about this as you see fit. Thanks.

Todd: All, It appears that I have regained my site, but I was right that it had come from someone accusing me of direct linking to the product being sold by Jerry Vines Ministries at $50 a piece. It’s unfortunate that personal gain and fear of accountability has taken us away from reaching out to contact our brothers before going to the authorities, which is the essence of 1 Corinthians 6. It appears that I am allowed to post these after all, but seeing what derision has proceeded from it already I am unsure if I will.

Have a nice day.

Interesting … Todd has a point.  Why didn’t someone contact him before going to authorities?  

——————————HT: The Crimson Window———————————-

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