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The God Debates: An Alternative to Doug Wilson’s Debate with Christopher Hitchens

If you’re an atheist and you thought Doug Wilson’s arguments for Christianity were weak, or found yourself disappointed with degree of substance portrayed in the Collision Documentary, or you’re a Christian and likewise were disappointed, I suggest that you will find much more satisfaction listening to a more sophisticated/academic debate between atheist Gordon Stein and Christian scholar Greg Bahnsen.  It’s not as flashy and entertaining as The Collision, but if you are a true intellectual and can carefully follow arguments, you will find it much more satisfying of a debate.  In fact, this debate has since been often referred to simply as “The Great Debate,” without any further qualification.      

For a more recent alternative, try listening Daniel Dennett (renowned militant atheist) argue with Alvin Plantinga (retired head of the philosophy department at Notre Dame).

Audio from The God Debates now Available :::: Wilson & Hitchens

Ok … so I realized I’ve already posted on the Doug Wilson vs. Hitchens debates, but I found a video that’s you-tubable, and a link to the audio.

For the audio, go here and scroll down the media list.

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Hitchens vs. Wilson–People never tire of the God debates

Hitchens/Wilson sneak peak from LEVEL4 on Vimeo.

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