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:: Theology with an Ecclesial Edge :: UG Podcast

I just downloaded a new podcast … the first in a new series with Gerald Hiestand.

:: Theology with an Ecclesial Edge :: Is the academic theology of the seminary classroom insufficient for the daily pastoral grind?  In this podcast, Gerald Hiestand, the President of the Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology, talks about his vision for this newly founded society and how the Pastor-Scholar model helps meet a desperate need in the local church.

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:: The Daily Grind of a Brand Developer :: UG Podcast

The Heart Behind the Art :: Aaron Skinner talks about how he developed a passion to help church planters and how marketing can change the perception that lost people have of the church.

The Daily Grind of a Brand Developer :: Aaron Skinner talks about the day to day joys of serving his church, other church planters and ministries with his gift for graphic design and brand development.

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:: Johnny Hunt Talks About Calvinism and the SBC ::

Is there room for Calvinists in the SBC?  Hear Johnny Hunt answer this question as he addresses the tension in the SBC over Calvinism with a personal story on the latest  U R B A N G L O R Y  podcast.

I appreciate the way Johnny address the issue.  I, for one, think that when Christians start dividing over Calvinism, they need to repent by valuing the gospel more and our theological distinctive less.  This is what I call having an affectional symmetry for doctrine.

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UPDATE: This podcast is not longer available, as the U R B A N G L O R Y project was terminated not long after it was launched.

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