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Gerald Hiestand, pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel and President of the Society for the Advancement of Ecclesial Theology, calls men to the pastor-scholar paradigm.

Celucien L. Joseph appreciates Gregery Boyd’s thoughts on how racial reconciliation is an important aspect of the biblical gospel.  In another post, he talks about race consciousness.  Once anglo’s are no longer the dominant race in the U.S., perhaps they will give more attention to this topic.  For now it seems like only a handful of anglo people even have this issue on their radar.  

Owen Strachan is accused of “Legalism,” because of his post “The Twitter Debate,” on how he doesn’t think Twitter is a good use of his time. He defends himself here.

Treven Wax posts Martin Luther’s definition of the gospel, which shows that Luther didn’t always think of the core of the gospel message as including the doctrine of justification.

John Armstrong exposes us to the concept of “coerced consensus.”

Given Up Hope on Outlawing Abortion? N o t s o f a s t

Trevin Wax argues that we shouldn’t give up hope … just change our strategy.  Here’s an excerpt.

The 2008 presidential election represents a major setback for the pro-life cause. President Obama will likely replace two or three judges on the Supreme Court. His replacements are sure to maintain the majority opinion that favors Roe vs. Wade.

Despite this major setback, the ascendancy of Obama to the highest office in the land fills me with tremendous hope that the abortion debate will be turned around in this country. Why? 

Just consider …

R E A D     T H E      R E S T     O F       T H E      P O S T      H E R E

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