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::-:::–::::Tuition Increase At Southern::::–:::-::

Dr. Mohler said, “We are going to do our very best to limit tuition increases.”  This statement assumes a tuition increase. 

Dr. Mohler also said, “We are warned to anticipate that this time of economic challenge will not be measured in future months but, in all likelihood, over the next two to five years.”

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More Anti-Calvinism Rhetoric: John 3:16 Conference

Timmy Brister has blogged about the John 3:16 conference.  He’s got all the highlights of the anti-Calvinism rhetoric listed on his blog.

Here is an excerpt from one of his lists: 

4.  The purpose of this conference was intended to be a “majoritarian response to the ‘Building Bridges’ and ‘Together for the Gospel’ conferences” (according to Lemke).

5.  If there ever was a place and time that Southern Baptists would have discovered a counter-resurgence of non-Calvinists among younger Southern Baptists, this conference would have been it.  However, live-blogging revealed that it was more comparable to the SBC Annual Meeting than Together for the Gospel.  In other words, Vines and Co. are without generational succession.

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UPDATE: Timmy did not attend the conference as I had posted earlier.  Rather, some friends of his did, and they sent him info via internet as they were there (see John Mark correct me in the comments thread).

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