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:: Gay Bars Receive Death Threats in Seattle :: Same Sex Stuff

The Homosecular Gaytheist blog reports that

Eleven gay bars in Seattle have been targeted with ricin attacks.

The post displays a picture of the actual letter of threat, and Gaytheist laments

And Christians still say that they’re unjustly persecuted and that the gays are doing the persecuting.

____–___-__-_-_-HT: Homosecular Gaytheist 


::: The New Anglican Church :::

In cased you missed it, the Anglican Church has been debating the ordination of openly gay Anglican priests. After so much debate, a large group has decided to go ahead and just make their own, New Anglican Church. We’ll see how it plays out.

————————————–New York Times————————————–

Don’t Say, “That’s so Gay” ::: Hillary Duff Ad

Embedded video from CNN Video

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