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GRE Vocabulary :: A

The emboldened words below are part of GRE vocabulary preparation.  Do you know them?  I have created sentences to give clues to their meaning. 


The king knew the abeyance of anger would not last long, so he ordered his troops to build an army to invade the land and depose those who provoked the people.

Galileo was forced to abjure his Copernican position during trial before the Roman Catholic Church, making him a martyr of science in the eyes of subsequent generations. 

As the party became flooded with more and more people, the couple absconded, hoping their friends wouldn’t notice they had left. 

Fancy restaurants tend to serve abstemious meals for outrageous prices.

The accretion of the blister made me think my foot was infected; the accretion of tuition and the price of gas made it hard to commute to the University. 

Although we were trying to be nice guests, the acidulous taste of the food made it hard for us to dine with the villagers.  Although the policies of tolerance for the intelligent design theory were announced, they appeared to have been acidulously drawn up only after much controversy had put the spotlight on the injustices of suppression and persecution.      

The student raised several questions about the professors proposition, but she responded with alacrity and eloquence.

The amalgamation of spices proved the point that spices which taste good individually may not taste well when mixed together.

Carey wanted to ameliorate her home, but because Jim didn’t know where the money would come from to pay for such an upgrade given the amount of debt they had yet to even begin to amortize, he was sad to hear Emily repine about her home.

After hurting his back, Travis took the anodyne and sold it to his friends once the pain went away.

Most conservative Protestants simply have an antipathy to anything that does not sound exactly like what they believe—even if it sounds very similar.  Some evangelical institutions have an antipathy, therefore, for diversity.

The man’s ardor for his own innocence was enough to make some of jury suspicious.

The assailant was sentenced to seven months in prison while the victim was hospital bound for one month and suffered sustained injuries.    

The newly weds put their pillows over their ears hoping to assuage the cacophony of sounds coming from the hotel room directly above their sweet. 

While on the one hand the attenuation of Christian influence in the West has troubled many Christians, newer generations of less religious Americans and Europeans consider religious declines—especially of Christianity—as therapeutic assuagement.

Although it did not bring Hannibal’s army to a halt, the few Roman legions made aware of his invasion were able to assuage the attack enough to buy time for the Roman generals. 

These auguries were taken seriously by the Romans and they influenced the decision making process in the senate. 

Moreover, in addition to the fact that she had a large home on a most beautiful piece of land, her house was neither austere nor florid, but all furnishings were delicately selected to create an eccentric but pleasant atmosphere.

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