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:: The Archbishop of Chicago Speaks at the evangelical Wheaton College ::

Yes.  You heard it right.  The Archibishop of Chicago, Francis Cardinal George, will be speaking at Wheaton College next month in an ecumenical dialogue.  Although Wheaton is not sponsoring the event, they have graciously allowed ACT3 (who is sponsoring the event) to gather at the Edman Chapel for this land-breaking event.

My friend John Armstrong (president of ACT3) who recently published a book on Christian unity (Your Church is Too Small) is continuing his conversation with the archbishop of Chicago, Francis Cardinal George. The only difference is, now the conversation is going public and will be taking place in a public format at Wheaton College on March 26th, 7:00pm at the Edman Chapel.

If I were in Chicago, I would be nowhere else. But since I’m not, I will be viewing the event live from home via the internet by going to WETN, since they are vodcasting it live.

UPDATE: You can now view the dialogue at ACT3.



  1. Thanks for sharing. Sounds interesting.
    I might rather listen to Orthodox theologian Fr. Thomas Hopko speak 4 days before that: “From Shadow to Reality: The Biblical Foundations of Christian Liturgical Worship”. Maybe Fr. Thomas will hang around and we’ll have reps from all three major strands of Christianity. Wouldn’t that be fun. Thanks for staying tuned B.C.

    Wheaton College Early Christian Studies Spring Lecture by Fr. Thomas Hopko Thursday, March 22, 2012, 7 – 9:30pm

  2. No sweat Occy (how’s that for a nickname?)! Both sound great, but I must admit, I covet good dialogues more than good monologues when forced to choose. Come back and put up a link to Fr. Thomas Hopko’s talk if you go and it’s made available on the WWW!



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