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b l o g • s h o t ___–__–_–_-_ 7.19.10

Russell and Duenes :: Duenes talks about Christopher Hitchens’s brother Peter Hitchens, focusing on Peter’s critique of the “war of aggression” and Peter’s preference for the role of art rather than the role of argument.  Click Here to Read It.

Preterism audio files ::: Preterism Podcasts :: Dee Dee Warren has put together a podcast series devoted entirely to preterism.  You can also find numerous articles on her site preteristsite.com.  Dee Dee began to doubt the Christian faith when she studied the eschatology of the NT and found a compelling answer in the preterist position to her doubts.

A Lecture on Counseling People on Medications :: Charles Hodges MD is a Christian Counselor who also has a medical degree.  He has an interesting lecture that begins to play as soon as you open his website.  The lecture is about how to counsel people who are taking medications.  In the course of this lecture (30-40 min?) Hodges talks about studies done on chemical imbalances with monkeys; whether women are culpable for their behavior when on PMS; a woman who had anorexia nervosa who was cured through counseling; etc.  If you have never heard critical critiques of modern medication protocol or chemical imbalance theories, Hodges is fun to listen to for an introduction.



  1. russellandduenes says:

    Thanks for the props. I’ve had you on my blogroll for some time and enjoyed perusing your site once again. May God continue to bear fruit through you and your wife’s life and ministry.

  2. theophilogue says:

    Thanks for the kind words Russellandduenes. I noticed your link to my site. That’s how I found yours! 🙂 Thanks for linking me!

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