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Allah is the Only God, and Jesus Too, and the Holy Spirit Too

A missionary to Muslims who goes by From the Middle East, shared in post form what he shares with Muslims to get them more interested in the gospel.  His post wasn’t intended to be a gospel presentation itself, only pre-evangelism, but it didn’t take long for evangelicals in the blogosphere to pounce on him for supposedly watering down the gospel.  Some objected to his use of the word “Allah” for God, even though it’s the word used to translate YHWH in Arabic Bibles, and is apparently the only word for God in that language.  Although not all the comments were off base, in my opinion the comment thread is a sad example of how quick we evangelicals are to vilify their fellow brother serving in a rough place due to lack of understanding and failure to come across with a gracious tone. 

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  1. Dustmite says:

    Regardless of one’s acceptance or dismissal of the posters approach, the comments were a sad representation of Christ’s character for sure. We often forget that the light of Christ does not just show the darkness in others, but also within ourselves. Just because we have turned toward Christ, does not mean we no longer have the same sinful nature and dark stains on our soul that we had prior to turning towards Christ. As Christians, the light exposes are non-Christ like character traits making us vulnerable to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We must always keep this in mind when interacting with our brothers and sisters so that we do not cause fellow believer to falter or be discouraged and walk away.

  2. theophilogue says:

    Yes! Amen.

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