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:::__Don’t Be a Haydenite__:::

An interesting look at a sectarian minister.

A preacher that can’t stop arguing. A denominational leader causing discord and division. A prolific writer who spews vitriol. He viciously attacks his opponents. He agitates at the Southern Baptist Convention. He plays politics. Apparently he thinks highly of himself and enjoys notoriety. He builds himself up, by tearing others down.

He insulted others. He subtly threatened. He accused Southern Baptist leaders of lavish lifestyles. He accused them of financial mismanagement and outright theft. He accused a pastor of immorality. He published what he wanted, and gave short shrift to those he opposed. His criticism seriously hurt Baptist mission work. He was censored. Undaunted, he actually sued the Baptist Convention. He even wrote a book about his efforts to reform the convention.


He learned what many others have learned, the more controversial you are, the more readers you enjoy. Facts did not seem to faze him. He could be proven wrong and he would ignore the proof and go right on with his accusations. He would turn on a respected denominational leader and attack him mercilessly. Attacks that continued year after year.


Who is this minister?  To find out, read the post

___::::___::::___::::___HT: SBC Today


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