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Richard Dawkins FAIL ::: The God Debates

Pay particular attention to the question, and how it’s never answered.  Is he saying that modern animals are no longer evolving?  


  1. Indeed, he doesn’t answer the question, in 2 minutes. Where is the rest of the film? I’m betting he answered it after this little slice. I could be wrong though.

  2. theophilogue says:

    I supposed the could’ve edited the film the way Bill Maher did his documentary, leaving out substantive responses. But what is capture here appears to be his complete answer.

  3. While I’m not clairvoyant, I’m going to assume you saw this video, it reaffirmed some silly notion you had, and didn’t research it in the slightest way possible. Because if you for even 2 minutes, this would have come up.


    This is an article written by Dawkins about the event, where he describes what happened and then goes on to adequately explain the answer to the question.
    I don’t intend to sound like an ass, but I am a little terse with people who do this sort of thing. Any research at all would have found this article. I was fully ready to give you this one until I found this article. Intellectual honesty is more important than being right..

  4. Travis says:

    A person who thinks before he speaks!!!? How unusual! A rare clip indeed, I thought this species was almost extinct.

  5. theophilogue says:

    Sorry Sisyphus, my spam filter blocked your comment and I just now discovered it.

    I don’t always do extensive research before posting things that are interesting to me–that’s the difference between my blog and my research papers. That’s part of why my comments section is open, so people like you can offer helpful resources. Next time, however, you should do so more gracefully. It would make your point more winsome.

    I read his point of view in the link you offer. It’s very interesting in several ways to me. I’m not a scientist, so everything I say must be taken with that in mind … but the most interesting of all is that his admission that mutation is a narrowing down of information from possibilities seems to play right into the hands of what appears to be the “creationist” contention that such a phenomenon is not actually increasing information.

    He concludes, “Mutation is not an increase in true information content, rather the reverse, for mutation, in the Shannon analogy, contributes to increasing the prior uncertainty.”

    Very interesting to me, but I’m not a scientist, so all I can do is say, “Hmmmm …”

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