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::-:::–::::Tuition Increase At Southern::::–:::-::

Dr. Mohler said, “We are going to do our very best to limit tuition increases.”  This statement assumes a tuition increase. 

Dr. Mohler also said, “We are warned to anticipate that this time of economic challenge will not be measured in future months but, in all likelihood, over the next two to five years.”

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  1. brotherhank says:

    Oh, snap. That’s encouraging.

    I can see my cardboard sign now, “Will blog for food, tuition, and room and board”…

  2. theophilogue says:

    Yeah … my Guidestone insurance bill also went up from $67 a month to $83 a month. That’s a steep jump.

  3. That’s not good news for seminary students. Still, our sbc seminaries are still the most affordable ones in the nation. Somewhat, even our seminaries have to face the national economic crisis. It is very unfortunate!

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