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::: Doug Wilson Speaks About the Collision Documentary :::

Doug Wilson comments on the recent debates between him and Hitchens and about the Collision documentary, which he is very pleased about.  He said that the production is done well and the editing seem to be creative but fair.  Here is an excerpt.    

I am really excited about this film, for a number of reasons, … 

… Darren Doane has many, many active hours and angles to choose from, which means that it will not be a fixed camera or two and some talking heads. And it is plain from what I have seen thus far that the whole thing is being handled with real biblical integrity. Both Christopher and I are being given our clean shots, and nobody is going to be edited into a victory or defeat.

… some of the blog chatter has revealed a new category of individual to me. Everyone who has ever debated anything at all knows that debates are not like football games where the score is more or less objective. People come expecting their guy to win, and usually depart in the serene conviction that he has done so quite handily. That’s human nature, and the consequent nature of debates. But in all this there has been a handful of Christian folks who have been kinda sorta giving the palm to Christopher for various reasons best known to their mothers, and it gratifies me to know that this documentary will do absolutely nothing to fix any of that. A movie has got to know its limitations.

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