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David Platt the Next John Piper?

Whenever people talk about David Platt’s messages, their eyes light up, their head shakes, and they speak using extremities of language.  As they recommend for other people to listen to him, they make no suggestions.  They make only imperatives.  “You have to listen to him. … I’m not kidding.  You have to.”  

If you don’t listen to David Platt, your skin will rot and your eyeballs will fall out of their sockets.  You will be cursed forever.  That’s what they say.

Could David Platt be the next John Piper?

———————————HT: Brook Hills———————————



  1. Never heard anyone talk like this about David Platt except for our boy Ricky. I don’t even think I got a reason for it except that he brings the heat…

  2. Ricky Love says:

    Who is John Piper?

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