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B l o g s h o t … a snapshot at online resources * 2 *

1. John H. Armstrong appreciates the motives and passion of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, but questions their method of evangelism and mourns their public debate with atheists.  SEE HERE.   

2. Chicago’s Skyline makes New York’s look rather dull–this will be especially true once Chicago Spire is done in 2010.

3. Owen Strachan writes a “just the facts ma’am” approach to the question, “Are Laws really that powerful in today’s world?”  

4. Owen Strachan is one of the most productive people I know.  I have actually asked him several times, “How do you find the time to do all that you do?  I don’t see how you could possibly do all this!”  That’s why it surprised me to see this post by Owen about how Tina Fey’s lifestyle is typical, and warns us about the temptation to be overly ambitious in life.  Powerful piece.  

5. Josh Howerton linked this picture on his blog from CNN … A spider eating a bird. How would you like to wake up with this sucker crawling around on your floor? If this doesn’t give you arachnophobia, nothing will.


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