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Beware of the T-Mobile Scam!

Well … it’s not exactly a “scam,” because the information is in the “Term and Agreements” page that NOBODY EVER READS. Who has time to read all that legal stuff every time they purchase something or download software, etc. Who does that? (maybe lawyers do … but average people don’t).

So anyway … I just found out that T-MOBLE was charging me monthly for my access to the internet at Hot Spots (i.e. Starbucks) even though the 1-Year deal that I signed up for was terminated. Why? That’s just part of their policy. If you agree to any amount of time (one month, two month, one year, two years, etc.), they AUTOMATICALLY continue to charge you on a monthly basis once your designated time is over.

When I asked the T-Moble representative over the phone what the philosophy is behind this policy (I already knew, I just wanted to see if he would be honest), he was actually frank with me & told me it’s just to “get” people who don’t keep up with their account.

The workers aren’t trained to mention this tib bit of info to you when you sign up.

Now that’s shady

Beware the T-MOBLE SCAM


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