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Tag … You’re It!

The following questions come from Said at Southern.  I got tagged.
  • What are you reading on Spring reading days? 1) Alister E. McGrath, The Making of Modern German Christology 1750-1990, 2) Gerald Hiestand, Raising Purity: Nurturing the image of God in the Heart of your Child, 3) Matthew Elliot, Feel: The Power of Listening to Your Heart, 4) Mark C. Mattes, The Role of Justification in Contemporary Theology
  • What do you wish you had time to read?  1) Bruce L. McCormack, ed., Justification in Perspective: Historical Developments and Contemporary Challenges, 2) .David E. Aune, ed. Rereading Paul Together: Protestant and Catholic Perspectives on Justification.
  • What have you decided NOT to read that you were assigned to read.  Nothing. 
  • What is one great quote from your reading?  “The phrase eternal life is as much about life as it is about eternity.” – Matthew Elliot 
  • Why are you blogging? (You’re supposed to be reading!)  Because the blogosphere is where I spend most of my study break time (lately anyway).


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  2. Ricky Love says:

    I like the new blog! Aren’t you supposed to be reading or something?

  3. theophilogue says:

    Yeah … but I’ve been mostly working, and then blogging before I go to bed.

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