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Sexual Immorality: The Cheapening of Pleasure

When sex is perverted, pleasure is watered down and the happiness of society in general is diluted.

Sexual immorality has so much to do with so many other problems in our society. For example, would there be as many people in our society who gangbang, rob people, sell drugs, do drive by’s, prostitute women, have psychological malfunctions, wrong people to get attention, disregard authority, etc. if everyone who grew up had both a mother AND a father who actually took responsibility for their sex? That’s why God’s design is marriage. God doesn’t want us having sex unless we have committed to provide the proper context for the natural consequences of sex (children). God commands that lovers be ready to raise a family together–it’s not JUST about the pleasure (although God created both outer beauty and the physical pleasure of sex), it’s about God’s design of reproduction. Marriage is the only context which is fitting to such a great responsibility as raising a child.

Has anyone checked the statistics about single parent homes? Has anyone had an inside track to the ghetto’s in America? The streets are raising many of our babies, and much of it is a result of sexual immorality. Gang members often talk of how they felt like they never had a family that cared, and that this is one of their motivations for joining the gang–the gang is attractive because it resembles a family.

Anyway…that’s just one example of how sexual immorality is effecting our culture–one baby at a time [not to mention the objectification of women, increase in sexual offenses, divorce rate (and all that kids have to go through in that kind of situation), violence and murder (angry husband’s / jealous boyfriends), broken hearts, depression, rampant homosexuality, pedophilia, molestation, bestiality (screw-any-thing-that-moves-ality), sexually transmitted diseases, abortion on demand (the murder of a beating heart), etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.] We belittle God’s great gift of sex when we live as though our genitiles were just toys that we can play with now and let someone else clean up the “mess” later. It’s not a very nice “thank you” to God when we run his gifts through the mud and leave a generation of lost souls in the wake.

GOD CREATED SEX. Yeah, that’s what I said. God created sex and therefore, He knows best how sex is supposed to work. He intends for us to get much pleasure out of it. In fact, if we have any faith in God (or any experience of real love in the context of marriage) we should trust that sex is more enjoyable when it is stewarded according to God’s standards. God’s not a kill-joy—He just knows what’s best for our everlasting joy and pleasure. If we put God first and handle our sexuality the way God intended, we would not only have a better society, but we would get more pleasure out of sex, and more joy and long-term fulfillment out of our relationships. We settle for such cheap, temporary, destructive, weak pleasures that we miss the intense, eternal, all-satisfying and ultimate pleasure which comes from the hand of God.



  1. Jonathan says:

    Is that a tiger print suit in our closet?

  2. Bradley says:

    No, Jonathan…you can’t wear my tiger suit. I have a job interview tommorrow.

  3. Laura says:

    Dang. Preach!

  4. j.wo says:

    That’s my bro! 😉 Atta man, Bradley…

  5. Donna says:


    Why is it so hard for us to figure out that when we find our pleasure in God Himself and what He declares as good — that the pleasure is not only genuine but it’s like A MILLION TIMES BETTER than the world can offer us?

    We get used to eating moldy crackers because we refuse to wait for the fresh bread baking in the oven… moldy crackers = perverted intimacy, fresh bread = God’s intention of intimacy, oven = God’s sovereignty

    Okay, did I go too far with the analogy? Ah well.. I just admitted on Jonathan’s blog that I like cuddling in my t-shirt sheets because it feels like I’m being hugged by my bed. 🙂 So goes my reputation at Southern. Ah well.

  6. Austin Vane says:

    You FUNNY!!!!

  7. Lorie says:


  8. Scooter says:

    Genitiles? Are those like genitals for Gentiles?

  9. Baconlover says:

    It’s always so obvious when someone writes about sex who hasn’t ever had it.

  10. Baconlover says:

    How do you feel about anal and oral sex within marriage?

  11. Bradley says:


    To your first comment: You have no idea (y’onowmelikedat)
    To your second: Anal sex seems unnatural according to design, and unhealthy according to statistics. Oral sex within marriage seems biblical according to the Song of Solomon.

    Good questions.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Ad hominem arguments only support the original post, because they prove that there is no fallacy in the original post and therefore the arguer is subjected to attacking the person and not the argument.

  13. Scooter says:

    post hoc ergo propter hoc


    Sorry, that was just some Wall Street stuff

  14. bethy31 says:

    The very abuse of sex outside of marriage causes the dysfunction of sex within marriage. For instance, if you do not practice abstinence outside of marriage, will you be able to be faithful within your marriage? If the thrill of sex is gone when the marriage is finalized (as we often hear), is it because the thrill was found in the fordbidness of it all?

    Not only is sex created by God for pleasure and procreation, it is a sign of worship. It is the intimacy shared between husband and wife that mirrors the intimacy between Christ and his followers. It’s even why Paul says not to abstain from sex within a marriage except for a time of prayer and fasting – to encourage the intimacy and not give Satan a foothold.

    Anyway, this may be way off of what you were trying to get to..but just some thoughts I had going on…

  15. Bradley says:

    No, Bethy. You comments are relevant. In addition to the example you mentioned, pornography wreck’s a million marriages. When someone addicted to porn realizes that his marraige isn’t as exotic as the pornographic imagry offered at the adult bookstore…his “sex outside of marriage” (porn and masturbation) soon ruin’s the sex inside marriage. I know of specific cases where this has happened. So many people live in a fantasy dreamworld which causes them to be socially maladjusted in the real world. How sad is this?

    And of course, there is so much more to say about marriage as a picutre of Christ and his love for the church. Sex is a fortaste of the glory of Christ and the church on the day of the wedding feast. John Piper says this is the main purpose of sex: to give us a foretaste of the future ecstasy we will experience with Christ in our glorified state.

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